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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America
“Some people strive for the m o o n, others are content with retiring among the s t a r s.

Some say the d e v i l is in the details, and that those who seek truth, seek d e a t h.

Some say the s u n rises for those who have the drive to seek its light, and the t e m p e r a n c e to accept failures in doing so.

Some say j u s t i c e and truth are lies, and not h i e r o p h a n t s nor p r i e s t e s s e s see beyond the veil.

Some say that m a g i c i a n s are dead and gone, their fell arts h a n g e d and their power lost.

Some say that l o v e r s are the first to fall, and and that sentiment is dust between the wheels of a great c h a r i o t.

Some say that my s t r e n g t h comes from will, others from f o r t u n e.

Some say I’ve defied the rage of e m p e r o r s, and seen through the wiles of e m p r e s s e s.

Some say I’m alone, a h e r m i t in a blank, pale wasteland, others a t o w e r above a celestial, and hollow, sea.

Some say that I’m a f o o l for attempting to see the w o r l d as a canvas and myself the paint.

I am all, and none. I am the arbiter. I am the observer. I am salvation and condemnation.



J u d g m e n t.”

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